Silver Linings

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Dark clouds may have silver linings, but storms still leave the landscape irrevocably changed. Interweaving intrigue and love, the stories of Silver Linings follow the lives of those caught up in tempests of government conspiracies, fae court schemings, pack politics, and demi-god manipulations. Through separation and loss, and struggling against unimaginable odds, our characters fight to create their own silver linings, and in the process show that the strength of the heart can endure any storm.

In January of 2018 a group of writers came together to build a community founded on the belief that together we can achieve more than any of us could alone. That community became known as the Silver Ink Writers, and is devoted to providing a supportive and creative space for writers and artists to network and grow their skills. Silver Linings is an anthology of short fiction, and is the first collaborative project to come from the group.